The BMW M8 Coupe and Convertible models have already been launched earlier this year. They are now some of the most powerful and fastest cars BMW ever made and deliveries are bound to kick off in the near future. In light of customers taking delivery of their cars soon, BMW put together a rather long video showcasing everything you need to know about the cars wearing the M8 badge on their boot.

The new MW M8 comes with a couple of distinctive exterior design features compared to ‘regular’ 8 Series models. You can tell them apart by the blacked out kidney grille up front which has double slats on the M model and the BMW M8 badge included in it. Furthermore, there are huge gills on the front fenders on the M8 which can be decorated with carbon fiber if you want to, part of the Carbon Exterior package.


Carbon fiber trims come as standard inside the BMW M8 as well, but you can go for a different material if you want to. Speaking of the interior, you’ll notice that the traditional three buttons allowing you to change the car’s handling characteristics are gone, replaced by a single button dubbed ‘setup’. This will open a menu on the iDrive screen, allowing you to set up your car’s settings in whichever mode you like.

The new BMW M8 also features a new M Mode button above, which simply allows you to switch between pre-defined driving models.

Road mode is the default setting, keeping the car in its most comfortable setup. Then there’s Sport mode which allows you to go faster and Track mode, with all systems on full alert. The last driving mode requires you press the M Mode button for a couple of seconds, just to be sure you didn’t enter it by mistake. There’s plenty more to learn about the two in the video though, once Timo Glock joins the party.