Bridgestone announced today that the current BMW X5 and X7 generations will be fitted as standard with their tires, part of a new deal signed by the two companies. BMW and Bridgestone have been working together for quite some time now but up until this week, X5 and X7 models were fitted with a variety of tire choices, from Pirelli to Michelins. Not anymore, as the US-based tire manufacturer announced these two SUVs will wear one of their Alenza or Blizzak series tires.

“The design and application of a tire plays an important role in ensuring a vehicle performs to its maximum capability,” said Shannon Quinn, president, Consumer Original Equipment Tires, U.S. and Canada, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. “We value our strong partnership with BMW and are proud of the collaboration during the development of innovative, performance-driven tire technology for BMW’s sports activity vehicle line.”

On the Alenza side of things, two tire models will be available: the Alenza 001 and the Alenza Sport A/S. The Alenza 001 is a high-performance summer tire which handles great in dry and wet conditions while the Sport A/S is an all-season tire. Both are going to be offered in run-flat guise as well. However, Bridgestone will also offer the Blizzak LM001  for the X5 and X7 in parts of the world where winter occasionally also comes with snow.

These will be available in 18″, 19″ and 20″ sizes for the X5 and go up to 21″ for the X7. Since the X5 is also available with 21″ and 22″ wheels, those going for these upper-echelon sizes will get different tires, of course, from Pirelli to be more precise. For the X7 the same will apply for 22″ rims.