The BMW X7 is the first step in a different direction since BMW started making SUVs. Ever since the first crossover was launched, the X5 at the end of the 1990s, BMW has been rolling out smaller versions of it in an attempt to cater to every taste out there. This time, with the X7, the Germans are moving in the opposite direction, creating a bigger vehicle, a move that ruffled a lot of feathers. Nevertheless, the X7 is a good car and the people over at MotorWeek have put it through their usual testing procedure.

Even though their review of the X7 is only six and a half minutes long, it comprises every bit of information you need to know about it. As for the car, the suspension seems to have made an impression on the guys, getting praised from the get go for its smoothness, something that doesn’t happen often with BMWs.

Other impressive features were the third-row seats – where you can actually fit an adult – and the five zone air conditioning, something you don’t see anywhere else these days. The Captain’s Chairs would be a nice addition if you don’t need 7 seats inside the X7 and the 335 HP xDrive40i model is deemed powerful enough for any situation, in case you were thinking about the V8. There’s ample room in the boot too, but that depends on how you configure your seating.

Their tester was the xDrive50i model though, with the old N63 V8 under the hood. Even so, being down on power compared to the new M50i model, the car managed to do 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds, while the 1/4 mile was covered in 13.3 seconds at 105 mph. Those are good numbers for a car of this size and we’re curious to see how the new V8 matches up to that performance.