The guys from J.B. Cars deliver an interesting take on what a Shooting Brake could look like in BMW 8 Series clothes. We definitely wouldn’t say no to such a contraption, especially since it would sit nicely next to all those Ferrari F12s out there or even the new GTC4Lusso, but the odds of such a BMW design to happen are slim to none.

The Photoshop exercise shows the car being lowered closer to the ground coupled with a new take on the taillights. Looking at it you realize just how complex the rear end is, accentuated here by the presence of a big, simple shape, embodied by the rear window.

Furthermore, the car’s roofline has been elongated for additional sleekness and the trunk opening is big enough to accommodate nearly every imaginable car cargo.

The shoulder line sits slightly higher than the regular 8 Series Coupe and offers some additional width which emphasizes the sportiness of the 8 Series Shooting Brake.

More shooting brake models were brought out in the 60s and 70s, some more popular than others. Today, Mercedes-Benz is probably selling the most cars in this guise, with the CLS and CLA models being the most popular examples, even though they are quite far off from the original concept that came with only two doors.

An 8 Series Shooting Brake would give the CLS version a run for its money but in these troubling times, BMW will most likely choose not to invest into making a model that caters to such a small niche. It’s an interesting thought though.