The folks at have put together a new rendering of the BMW X6 M based on the recently unveiled G06 X6. As expected, the rendering artist takes the design cues of the standard crossover coupe and adds the typical M elements, as we’ve seen on other M SUVs.

Upfront, the large air intakes and more aggressive front bumper give the X6 M a far more dynamic look than the X6, while the enhanced side skirts and carbon fiber diffuser emphasize the power coming from under the hood. Of course, the quad exhaust tips remind us that the sound will also be significantly enhanced.

The overall design of the X6 M is hardly a surprise – the car was already leaked earlier this year.

Both upcoming BMW X5 M and X6 M are using the most recent upgrade of the 4.40 liter V8 TwinTurbo. The engine offers in the M5 F90 a smooth 600 hp and up to 750 Newton meters of torque, which should also apply to the “entry level” of the new X5 M / X6 M.

Just as in the case of the power sedan, the new X5 M SUV will also be available in an even more powerful versions. Performance enthusiasts can expect to see an BMW X5 M Competition with around 625 hp and a suspension geared more towards the racetrack. Same applies to the X6 M Competition.

The unveil of the X5 M and X6 M is scheduled for later this year.