During the #NEXTGen19 event, there were several new and exciting cars on display. A couple of which showed off new directions of BMW design language. None of them more than the BMW Vision M NEXT, though, which showed off its stunning retro-futuristic supercar design. After seeing the M NEXT, as well as the other impressive cars on display, we had the chance to talk to Adrian Van Hooydonk about the cars on hand and the future of BMW design.

In this video, Van Hooydonk talks about not only the new direction for BMW’s design language but what it might be even past that. For instance, he spoke about how BMW is currently cleaning up its designs. So all of its cars are going to begin featuring less lines and design elements. He wants to make BMW’s designs simpler, a bit more modern. In a way, though, that makes them a bit more traditional. BMW’s designs were very reserved and understated throughout most of its history. It wasn’t until Chris Bangle shook things up that BMW design started to get wild.

More than that, though, Van Hooydonk also wants to remove clutter from the interior. You can tell by looking inside the M NEXT. Its minimalist interior is both futuristic and a bit retro and it looks fantastic. No crazy screens or in-your-face designs. It’s just a simple, elegant, driver-focused cabin. There’s a ton of technology there but it’s what Van Hooydonk calls “Shy Technology”, meaning it works behind the scenes and is only noticed when you ask for it. We hope this is a trend that BMW really focuses on.

It’s an interesting interview and we’re thankful for Adrian Van Hooydonk taking the time to talk to us about everything. So check it out and hear from the man himself.