One of the segments where you truly are spoiled for choice these days is the one where the M2 Competition happens to find itself. The small, Coupe sports car segment is now featuring a wider than ever line-up that are also incredibly good to drive. You have the obvious Cayman in there, the ‘new kid’ Alpine 110 and now the Toyota Supra. We could also list the Audi TT RS which is also quite an interesting choice as well as several others but let’s not digress.

The M2 Competition therefore has some rather stiff competition to beat. Even though the Toyota Supra is basically a Z4 underneath the sheet metal, it can easily be regarded as a true rival, at least as far as the guys from Autocar are concerned. As a matter of fact, this video was intended to be an introduction of the Supra to their audience, this being the newest car in the line-up at hand. The other three have been around for quite some time now.

Out of this bunch, the M2 is the most powerful. It beats the Porsche in that regard and it is tied in displacement by the Supra, which uses a BMW 3-liter straight six engine as well. While the M2 uses an M-developed S55 unit with over 400 HP, the B58 on the Toyota has 335 HP to rely on. Is that too little? Not really, because the Supra is also lighter than the M2. Having driven the convertible version of this car, the Z4 M40i, I can wholeheartedly say 335 HP are enough.

Who will win this comparison though? Well, I think the four cars here are just too different to be compared, to be honest. Yes, they play in the same league but so much about them is different that it will be really hard to pick. Not to mention the pricing difference, from cheapest to most expensive. The guys do pick a favorite in the end though, but not for the reasons you might imagine.