There aren’t typically a ton of complaints about the BMW M850i. Some critics find it might be too expensive, some feel it’s not exciting enough and some wonder what segment it actually competes in. Nothing too crazy. However, there is one critique that seems to be common and it’s that the 8er’s interior is a bit… un-special. Don’t tell that to Wards Auto, though, as they just named the M850i as one of its Best Interiors for 2019.

Anyone who’s sat in the BMW M850i, or any 8 Series for that matter, won’t complain about where they sit. It’s a lovely cabin with rich materials, excellent ergonomics and industry-leading technology. However, there are some complaints that its design is a bit ho-hum.

We get why the 8 Series’ cabin is the way it is — as it’s designed to pay homage to the original — but we can also understand complaints of it not being exciting enough. After all, the BMW M850i is a six-figure, 523 hp performance coupe with sexy looks and a raucous exhaust note. So you’d expect a special looking and feeling cabin, especially when the exterior is so special looking. Instead, it’s just a bit, well, staid.

It’s not bad by any means, though. It’s a very driver-focused cabin, with an excellent seating position, perfect driver ergonomics, fantastic seats and absolutely top-notch materials. Personally, I feel it’s a bit too tame for such a car but I can completely understand why it’s one of Wards’ 10-Best winners. Despite not having the flash or the pomp of something like a Mercedes-AMG GT or especially an S-Class Coupe, it absolutely feels expensive, luxurious and very, very high-quality.

The best part is that it will only get better with the BMW M8. Having sat in the M8, we know that it feels every bit as high-quality ad luxurious as the M850i but with that extra bit of special sauce to make it more exciting.

So even though there are those that complain about its lack of specialness, Wards Auto feels that the BMW M850i’s interior is special enough to warrant a 10-Best win.