The new BMW 7 Series is now heading to showrooms and executives’ parking spots around the world. It’s probably one of the most controversial models in the 7 Series history, thanks to its polarizing and new design Some people have complained about the sheer size of the new grille, a grille that is now 40 percent larger than on the pre-LCI model. The slimmer headlights to the sides only make things worse when it comes to how the grille is perceived.

The truth is that the kidney grille is the first design cue that stands out and that’s what most will focus on. There are new details on the sides, a new bumper on the front fascia and an entirely new rear end. Inside the cabin the changes are small and basically reduced to the new infotainment screen. New engines are also available and that’s quite a big deal. The biggest change happened in the plug-in hybrid department, where the 740e was replaced by the 745Le.

The guys and gals over at Carbuyer had this exact new model for testing purposes. Compared to the old one, which had just over 300 HP, the new one has close to 400 HP and dropped the four-pot 2-liter engine for a 3-liter straight six. It may seem weird but the average CO2 emissions have dropped too. That’s due to the larger battery pack and the more efficient electric motor. Thanks to those improvements the car is now capable of driving in pure EV mode for up to 32 miles.

That’s actually one of the things why the BMW 745Le is considered a better choice than the Mercedes-Benz S-Class PHEV alternative, which has a shorter EV range. The Mercedes is also quite a bit more powerful but considerably more expensive as well. Unfortunately for the 7 Series though, Carbuyer reviewers consider the S-Class a better limousine in a lot of other areas, leaving only one win for the BMW, just in case you’re looking for a hybrid.