The people from Mercedes-Benz’s high-performance division, AMG, have quite a large portfolio on their hands today. Whereas not long ago we only had about three or four models with the AMG badge on the boot, today we’re looking at a considerably wider array. One of the newest is the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S 4-door, a rather rare bird in the automotive world. At the moment it sits unchallenged in what seems like its own segment.

Some would argue that this is not a four-door coupe but a sedan and I would tend to agree. At the same time, things have changed so much in the automotive world, that the line between a sedan and a four-door coupe is blurred most of the time. BMW also has a similar view on the whole ‘four door coupe’ thing, being one of the few that actually has or had a car in its range, named like that. The 6 Series Gran Coupe is no longer available, but we will soon see its replacement in the shape of the leaked 8 Series Gran Coupe.

The aforementioned 8 Series Gran Coupe will get both an M8 version and an M8 Competition alternative. That will be the true rival to take on the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S. In the meantime though, we can take a look at what a similarly powerful M5 Competition can do against it. Looking at the specs you’ll find the AMG to be superior. It has more horsepower and more torque. Heck, it even has more gears than the M5.

On paper, the Merc is also faster by a smudge and that seems to show in the video below. Both cars come with launch control and all-wheel drive so they can definitely fool you into believing you’re dealing with rockets, not cars here. The footage shows the AMG to be quite on par with the M5. It has an advantage of less than 10 km/h but it remains the same throughout the footage. One thing’s for sure: they are both proper land missiles.