Now that the new Rolls Royce Phantom and Cullinan are here, it’s time for the Ghost to get its update. Just like its newer siblings, the next-gen Rolls Royce Ghost will be built on the brand’s all-aluminum chassis, which will make it lighter, stiffer and more high-tech. In some new spy photos, we get to see another new aspect of the Ghost — its interior. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

Inside the new Rolls Royce Ghost, you can see some familiar Phantom/Cullinan bits. For instance, the steering wheel, gauge cluster and infotainment screen are all similar to those in the Phantom and Cullinan. The gauges have physical housings but with digital dials and the infotainment screen is the brand’s latest, just like the Phantom.

Underneath the nav screen are two large circular vents with the classic Rolls Royce organ stop-style buttons. Aside from that, though, there’s really not much to learn about the new Ghost’s cabin, as it’s covered in fabric to hide its details. Though, it’s not too difficult to imagine what it will look like.

2015 rolls royce ghost series II test drive 19 750x494
Current Rolls Royce Ghost Interior for Reference

Expect an interior similar to that of the Phantom just a bit less incredible. It will still be amazing, no doubt, but it’s likely to lack some of the Phantom’s more incredible features, like the Art Gallery dashboard. Though, we still expect it to be gorgeously trimmed and built with the finest quality, as all Rolls cabins are.

We love the new Rolls products, as they’re both excellent to drive. However, we’re most excited about the Rolls Royce Ghost. According to the folks in Goodwood, the new Ghost will be better to drive than its predecessor in every way. Of course, it won’t be a proper driver’s car (mention the word “sporty” in Goodwood and you might be hanged) but it will be lighter and more nimble than ever before. Should be fun.

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