Now that the BMW M8 Convertible is here, there are naturally going to be comparisons to the old M6 Convertible, the car that the M8 ‘Vert replaces. While the M8 Convertible isn’t exactly an M6 replacement, as it’s sportier, more premium and more expensive, it’s still the new big convertible performance car that fills a void the M6 ‘Vert left behind.

So we figured it might be interesting to see how the two stack up, in terms of styling. We obviously can’t compare the way the two drive, as no one outside of BMW has driven the M8 Convertible just yet. However, we can see if it’s an upgrade in terms of style and design. So let’s check them out.

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From the front, the two cars are extremely different looking. The BMW M6 is much tamer and more reserved. Its kidney grilles are reasonably sized, as are its headlights, and its front air intakes are functional but not overly massive. As for the M8 Convertible, it takes things to the extreme. Its kidney grilles are simple massive by comparison (though, they looks small compared to the new X7) and its headlights are very aggressive. Its air intakes are also much larger and its hood is more heavily creased.

Personally, if I had to choose one, I’d actually probably take the M8 Convertible. I might be in the minority but I really like how wide and aggressive the M8 is. It looks more like a proper performance machine to these eyes. Though, styling is subjective, what I think is good looking, you might think looks like dog vomit.

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In profile, the two look more similar than the do from any other angle. They’re both very low, very long and very pretty. Again, the M8 Convertible looks more aggressive, thanks to its massive Air Breather, massive wheels and black/carbon fiber accents. It’s certainly busier than the M6, which is simpler and a bit more elegant.

Again, if I were to choose one, it’d be the M8 Convertible. The M6 ‘Vert is still a very good looking car all these years later but I just like that added aggression of the M8. Though, I can appreciate anyone preferring the M6.

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From the rear, the M8 Convertible makes its best case for being better looking than its technical predecessor. Its more muscular haunches, sculpted taillights and larger exhausts just make it so much sportier. As a proper M car, the M8 Convertible looks the part more so than the M6 Convertible does. Again, the 6er is a great looking car but it’s a bit bland by comparison, from the rear.

Inside, the BMW M6 Convertible still sports a great cabin. Its waterfall look on the passenger side is still icy-cool and its analog gauges are much appreciate in a world almost entirely digital instruments. However, the M8 Convertible looks more expensive, more premium and even sportier. Its own waterfall center console is a throwback to the original 8 Series and its entire cabin just looks ultra-premium. Its shift lever is much nicer looking than the M6’s stubby plastic nub and its digital gauges are far more high-tech looking.

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Overall, the BMW M6 Convertible is still a gorgeous car that’s still a stunner. So I can’t fault anyone for preferring it over the new M8 Convertible. If it’s my money, though, I’m taking the BMW M8 Convertible. It’s just far sportier, far more aggressive and more premium looking.

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