If there was ever a person to be the antithesis of the term “pimp”, it’s James May. The famous presenter for The Grand Tour, and formerly of Top Gear, Mr. May is one of the automotive world’s favorite car presenter. Precisely for the fact that he’s unapologetic for playing the old curmudgeon-type. Which is why his “Unpimp My Ride” videos are so funny. In this latest video, he “Unpimps” a BMW 420i.

The video starts out with James May in a garage with an Estoril Blue BMW 420i Coupe, a car he actually says is one of BMW’s best looking cars in a long time. He’s not wrong, the BMW 4 Series still looks great. However, there are a couple of issues with this specific car.

Firstly, and most obviously, is the “M4” badge on the trunk lid. This is a very common and very annoying practice among wannabe fanboys — putting a proper “M” badge on a regular car. In the car world, that’s very uncool. So James May remedies this by simply taking the “M4” badge and throwing it away. Easy.

Secondly, and lastly, he flips the car around to show that whoever owns the car put M colored tape on three of the vertical grille slats, to mirror the M stripes in the logo. This is less egregious than the badge on the back of the car but still quite uncool. So May remedies that as well, by simply ripping the stripes off. Easy peasy.

That’s it, really. After that, the BMW 420i looks good as new, with no annoying or immature bits on the exterior to make it seem like something it’s not. In typical James May fashion, this video is extremely short, under two minutes including the funny credits, and hilariously simple. We hope for more of these videos in the future.