The new G20-generation BMW 3 Series is now being put to the test against its several competitors, as more and more test cars show up in press fleets across the globe. In this latest comparison from, the BMW 3 Series takes on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class in the most classic of sport sedan tests.

Both models in this test are equipped with four-cylinder diesel engines and automatic gearboxes. They will be the volume sellers in South Africa, and most of Europe if we’re honest, as they offer the same comfort and handling as the rest of the lineup, while also bringing more efficiency. Don’t think either car is bland because of its diesel engine, though. Both cars are plenty quick enough and offer enough performance to handle everyday life with ease.


In terms of which engine is better, it’s the Bimmer’s. According to’s Ciro De Siena, then diesel four-pot in the 3 Series is a bit more fun to drive while also being more fuel efficient. In fact, he went on to say that it’s so efficient, some driver’s may only notice filling up its tank once a month. Impressive stuff.

But this is a test of sports sedans after all. So what are they like to drive and which one is better? The BMW 3 Series is the sportier car of the two. Its steering is sharper and its suspension is more composed. While the C-Class is still very nice to drive, it just errs more on the side of comfort than sport. So it’s actually the more relaxing car to poodle around in but if you want to actually drive and push the car hard, it’s the 3 Series you want.

De Siena notes that the 3 Series is much newer than the C-Class and that’s true. So maybe it’s not the fairest of comparisons. However, they are the two cars that you can buy at dealerships right now, so they’re the ones that need to be compared. And in the end, it’s the BMW 3 Series that wins.