First rumors of a future BMW X8 date as far back as early 2017. At the time, Spanish media reported that a new SUV is in the planning stage and could join the X family in the future. Those rumors continued into 2018 when other mainstream media picked up some rumors coming from Munich suggesting that the Bavarians are getting serious about the the BMW X8.

Over the last few months, there were several other hints that the BMW X8 plans will be decided in early 2019. While we can’t confirm these rumors -yet, what we can say is that the X8 chatter has picked up again and the new luxurious SUV might be coming to market. What we do know almost certainly is that a future BMW X8 won’t take the shape of an X6 or X7, but rather have its own identify within the design language at BMW. Think along the lines of a new kidney grill design…

The BMW X8 has always been rumored to be a more luxurious model, with a more bespoke finish for the discerning customer looking for the ultimate luxury. It will also be more expensive than the X7 and will most likely become the priciest car with a BMW roundel on you can buy.

The G09 BMW X8 will use the same underpinnings of the X7 but will offer seating for four, with individual seats in the back, kind-of like what we can already see on the X7. Whether a third-row of seats will be offered remains unknown right now.

Luxury will be the aim here and that’s what customers will get, along with plenty of room in every seat. Engine choices will most likely be similar to the ones on the X7 but we’d definitely like to see a V12 under the hood of this model, especially the 610 HP 6.6-liter version from the M760Li.

Another way to go about it would be to make something uber-luxurious, something like a Range Rover Autobiography. It could have a longer wheelbase than the X7, with a bigger back seat and even more luxury. In fact, BMW could even borrow a few tricks from the Rolls Royce Cullinan. This would be interesting and put BMW X8 in a different league than its other German rivals, in terms of luxury flagships.

While a 2020 launch seems a bit farfetched at the moment, we won’t be surprised to see the first test mules arriving early next year.