The guys from Carfection have been publishing videos featuring every M3 model ever made for a while now. They decided to focus on what people regard as the “best” versions of each M3 generation and thus we’ve been looking at some striking cars here. From the E30 M3 Evo to the E36 M3 GT and the iconic E46 M3 CSL, going up to the E92 M3 GTS and now the F80 M3 CS. That’s right, the time has come to issue a verdict on the M3 CS, the most hardcore version of the current generation.

The current M3 didn’t get the glowing reviews previous models did. The reasons are quite diverse and it’s hard to place the blame on only one. Some have complained about the steering, as this is the first M3 to have an electronic setup in this department. Others have complained about the engine, the S55 being the first turbocharged mill ever to be installed in an M3. As you can see, the reasons do vary but the current M3 was also a pioneer of sorts.

Over time though, BMW refined the car time and time again with a couple of enhancements. The Competition Package M3 came out not long after the original was launched and it was deemed by most reviewers as ‘the one we should’ve gotten in the first place’. Then came the M3 CS, a special version, aimed at creating a convincing package worthy of sharing the stage with all the awesome other cars in this series.

The CS is meant to be a lighter version of the M3 with a bit more power. Saving weight of course translated into some cuts being made. There’s no center armrest, the climate control is quite basic and you only get a truncated version of the Hi-Fi sound system. Nevertheless, the has the goal been achieved? Carfection finds out.