By now, it’s no secret that the newest-generation of Toyota Supra is actually a BMW Z4 underneath. While the chassis is said to have been developed by both brands, the engine, electronics, specific transmission (it’s a ZF unit with BMW’s calibration) and interior of the Supra are pulled straight from BMW. Though, its engine is what’s most important.

In this new video from The Smoking Tire, we get to see Matt Farah drive the Toyota Supra around a track. However, he doesn’t talk about its driving impressions because he can’t, as impressions are still under embargo. However, you do get to watch him drive it; see how it reacts, how fast it turns in and, most importantly, what it sounds like.

That last bit is actually the point of the video, according to Farah. Because the Toyota Supra uses a BMW engine, the same basic B58 3.0 liter turbocharged I6 as the Z4 M40i, it sounds like, well, a BMW. It has that typical BMW B58 noise. That’s not bad thing, as it’s a good sound, but it’s bound to upset some Supra enthusiasts who will be once again reminded that their beloved sports car no longer sports its iconic 1JZ or 2JZ engines.

However, Supra enthusiasts should be happy that Toyota went with a BMW engine because it keeps the same layout as the Supra’s iconic motors. Rather than slapping in a tuned V6 from a Camry, or borrowing another brand’s V6, Toyota used BMW’s engine because it’s an inline-six, just like the old ‘JZ engines. So it keeps some of the icon’s traditions alive, even if the engine isn’t actually made by Toyota.

On another note, the car looks quite, agile and balanced. It also looks like a lot of fun. It seems as if Farah can play with its back end a bit and it seems willing to dance. We’re not entirely surprised, after having driven the Z4, but it’s still encouraging to see. Toyota claims the Supra has been tuned to feel different than the Z4 and we’re very excited to test it for ourselves to find out.

Until then, all we can do at the moment is listen to its noise. It’s BMW-sourced noise.