Footage of the BMW M8 being tested on the Nurburgring is popping up from every nook and cranny on the internet these days. It definitely feels like BMW is doing its final tests before finally showing us the car in the metal, without any sort of camo. And while that day seems to be light years away, we’re also glad to see the M8 being put through tough tests on the Green Hell. This latest footage proves tests are being performed at the highest intensity.

Why am I saying that? Well, because in this video you can actually see the car’s brakes in certain angles. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, until you notice that they are bright red. That’s something you see only on high-performance or maybe Formula 1 cars after they have been pushed to the absolute limit on the track. Well, I guess that’s the case here as well, as this particular M8 shows some really hot stuff, pun very much intended.

To be fair, no matter how much weight the M8 might lose compared to the stock M850i xDrive, for example, it will still be a heavy car once it comes out. Thus, having glowing brake discs while being tested on one of the toughest tracks in the world is not to be considered an issue. On the contrary, I reckon it shows just how thoroughly the M8 is being tested, to make sure it definitely delivers once it comes out.

The video also includes shots of a BMW X5 M that is apparently out to hunt Supras, as well as a BMW G80 M3. What’s interesting about the latter is that it seems to be a more evolved prototype than what we’ve seen so far. Furthermore, it is wearing Carbon Ceramic Brakes judging by the golden brake calipers, which might hint at a special edition version. We’ll learn more about the complete G80 M3 line-up as we get closer to its unveiling, later this year.