The new 3 Series Touring is about to come out and testing is pretty much in its final phase on the Nurburgring right now. As Spring finally kicked in over the Eiffel Mountains, testing can resume and we’ve seen plenty of cars, not just from BMW, going back on the Green Hell to be driven hard. The 3 Series Touring (G21) is no exception and in the latest video the car is shown nearly camo free, with only the rear end being wrapped in some psychedelic foil.

That’s what you’d expect, as the new 3er won’t be drastically different in design compared to the sedan. The only part that will be different can be found at the back and that’s what’s hiding under the ‘covers’ right now. Nevertheless, we have some sort of idea what’s waiting and things are definitely looking good, even though the market for the 3 Series Touring seems to be diminishing by the day.

The most obvious example is the US market, where the G21 won’t even be offered, making the F31 model the last Touring 3 Series to be offered on this market. Basically, if you wanted a 3 Series Touring and didn’t order one so far, kiss your dream car goodbye. With the X3 so cheap these days, customers are flocking to it and leaving the 3 Series in both guises behind. As for the new model, don’t expect anything different from its sedan brother.

Most likely the engine line-up will be exactly the same, with the 320d and 330i being offered at first followed by the 320i and 330d. All models will come with all-wheel drive if so desire and there will be an M340i M Performance model on offer later on as well. As for an M3, don’t hold your breath. BMW won’t make one in Touring guise.