With raging reviews on the internet, the BMW F90 M5 is now one of the fastest sedans – might I say cars – in the world. That’s a good thing for anyone getting behind the wheel, at least as long as there’s no police around to catch you speeding. However, if you’re the police, things might just work out better than expected as you’ll be able to catch bad guys in a zippy. That’s apparently what the Australian police force thought as well as they have recently purchased two BMW M5.

The cars will be part of Victoria Police’s arsenal, as Car Advice reports. They will join other interesting cars currently found in their ranks, from a couple BMW 530d models to some turbo Volkswagen Passat sedans. All these are being rolled out to replace the older Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore pursuit cars that have gone out of production and needed replacing anyway.

The best part about the whole BMW M5 police car ordeal is that, even though the car is priced at AUD230,000 in Australia ($162,000), the taxpayers won’ be paying a single cent. That’s because the high-performance sedans are being offered on loan by the local branch of BMW free of charge. Unfortunately, the cars will be in use for just 12 months, as those are the terms agreed by the two sides of this deal.

According to a post on Facebook, on a page dedicated to Australian Police Vehicles, at least one of the cars is claimed to be a Competition model which would make things even more interesting. Not that the standard model is slow by any means but why not go even faster if you’re the police?