As GM is pulling out of Australia, the local Holden brand is diminishing its efforts in the country as well. Therefore, whereas most of the Australian Police Force was using Holden Falcon and Commodore models to patrol highways and for other purposes, they will slowly be ushered out, with newer models taking their place. The New South Wales Police Department recently announced that the BMW 530d was the chosen car to take over these duties and that’s a peculiar choice, to be honest.

We all love the BMW 530d and we think it’s the best car in the 5 Series range you can get today, as it brings a perfect package to the table. It has enough power for all kinds of situations, it’s fast and it will carry a family and all the luggage needed with ease for longer trips. However, when one thinks of a highway patrol car, one must be thinking of a petrol-powered V8 of sorts, right?

Nevertheless, the 530d is the sensible choice, according to officials as well. Speaking to Car Advice about this move, Marc Werner, BMW Group Australia’s CEO said: “We are honored by our association with the New South Wales Police Force and delighted that our officers will be driving BMW’s safe, efficient and dynamically superior vehicles. Globally, the BMW Group supplies emergency and authority vehicles to a large number of countries, so I am very pleased to see our brand continue this proud tradition in Australia.”

Last year the Victoria Police Force announced a similar decision and purchased 80 BMW 530d models. Just like in that instance, the cars to be used in New South Wales are also fitted with the M Sport package and come with Comfort Seats, to “ensure police remain supported during service” according to BMW.