Every year, the most hardcore BMW fans join forces to create a spectacular event dedicated to the brand with the white and blue roundel on the hood. Bimmerfest has become a tradition and this year it will take place between 25 and 26 May at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. The event will have plenty of activities planned for visitors and feature hundreds of cars with every possible modification you can think of.

Those wanting to take part in this celebration should know that there are a couple of things they can do. There will be a road course challenge set up on both days of the event. This means you get to drive your car on the Auto Club Speedway’s Pro Course Oval and compare times with your friends. The price tag is $199 per day and you could go for laps on both days, as I already pointed out. The thing is, you need to reserve a spot right now as allocations are going fast.

Then there’s the Time Attack Push event which is a new activity for this year’s Bimmerfest. Happening only on Sunday, you can go for the fastest lap and win various prizes. Of course, in order to be eligible you need to book a spot for the Track Day beforehand. Autocross will put your driving skills to the test while the Battle of the Bimmers will be a judged car show, where entrants will showcase their cars to a panel of judges for a chance to win various prizes. There are several categories open right now, where you can sign your car up.

Last but not least, there will also be a heritage event, where owners of older cars can sign up to show off their rides. In order to be eligible you need to bring a BMW E21 3 Series or older model, a BMW E28 5 Series or older version or a BMW E24 6 Series or older. You also have to arrive at the event on the first day before 8:00 AM to set up shop. For all other people looking to park their cars in the exhibition parking, access cost $30 per car within the stadium or $20 for general parking. Visitors can enter Bimmerfest for free, as usual.