We just saw some spy video of the upcoming BMW M340i Touring, a car that could be a perfect daily driver. However, now some new spy video has surfaced, showing off something quite a bit more powerful, something that wears a proper M badge — the BMW X5 M.

Even after driving the BMW X5 xDrive40i, we’ve been anxious to see the proper X5 M. The standard X5 alone has shown so much potential in its chassis; thanks to surprising athleticism and bank vault-rigidity. It steers nicely, handles well and has shown that it can handle a lot more power and capability. The BMW X5 M will bring both of those things in spades.

In this new spy video, we get to see the future BMW X5 M lapping the Nurburgring and it looks very capable, far more so than an SUV of its size and weight has the right to be. The X5 M might be the antithesis of what the M Division is about but holy hell is it fun.

This new X5 M will pack over 600 hp thanks to its newly tuned 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8. We’ve actually seen it in person and it’s awesome. However, BMW hadn’t actually rated the engine for exact peak power just yet, so we weren’t given the power figures. We know it will crest the 600 hp-mark, though, as the M5 sort of set that precedent. It sounds angry, too, with a deep, rumbly V8 noise.

We can tell from this new video that it looks fast, too. It explodes out of corners harder than you’d think an SUV could and it remains positively buttoned down. Sure, the idea of a buttoned-down, track-ready SUV is absurd but sometimes life is better with a bit of delightful absurdity. The BMW X5 M defies all logic and physics and that’s what makes it fun, exciting and charming.