Since the debut of the new, second-generation BMW 8 Series, we’ve read some mixed reviews. We like the new 8er quite a bit. Some of us here at BMWBLOG more than others but overall we are fans of the latest BMW flagship GT car. However, we’ve read reviews that both flatter and plaster the new 8er. Some say it’s too soft, too numb and just not sharp enough. While others say it’s a superb GT car that blends style, comfort and speed into a harmonious package. This new review from Automobile Magazine is of the latter kind.

It also nails the appeal of the 8 Series. It’s not designed to be a scalpel or a precision instrument. Instead, it’s designed to be a great looking, very fast and very comfortable and, according to Automobile Mag, it is all of those things.

“The new M850i can slay all types of asphalt and excels in all sorts of driving conditions—torrential rainstorms or icy mountain roads, dry and twisting canyon two-lanes, and even bumper-to-bumper traffic. It jets off the line and on to 60 mph in a blistering 3.6 seconds, and every staffer who slid behind the wheel of the M850i was smitten with a car universally characterized as a smooth, incredible, and great all-rounder.” said Automobile’s Ed Tahaney.

We haven’t had an 8 Series on our home turf just yet but we will soon enough. However, we’ve spent enough time behind the wheel of it to agree with this review. Not only that, we know enough to be even more excited about the upcoming BMW M8. If the BMW M5 is anything to go by, the new M8 will be more than comfortable enough in everyday life while also being even more incredible to drive. Plus, the BMW M8 looks even better than the current M850i. Believe me.

[Source: Automobile Mag]