There’s been a lot of talk of the BMW V12 sticking around a little while longer. That monster engine is going to continue to live on in the Aventurine Red car we see here today — the BMW M760Li.

This specific BMW M760Li is a post-LCI facelift model, the very car that’s been gaining quite a bit of flak from enthusiasts on the interwebs. Most of the criticism is aimed at the new 7er’s massive Kidney Grilles. Each one might be bigger than both of my E36’s grilles combined. So they’re large and extremely polarizing.

It’s been growing on us, though. The new 7 Series is starting to charm us and, honestly, all of us at BMWBLOG prefer its new face to the old, pre-LCI car’s mug. While it’s certainly more brash, it’s also more interesting than the bland face of the old car.

More about this color, though, as it really makes the BMW M760Li shine. It’s called Aventurine Red and it’s a BMW Individual color, one that you can get right from the factory. It’s a stunning shade of red that looks really good on the big 7er. In fact, it might be the best looking color offered on the BMW M760Li.

It isn’t a cheap color, with a price tag of $1,950, but that’s actually not too bad considering that it’s a special color and the car is already so expensive. If you’re spending over six-figures on a V12-powered luxury car, a couple extra grand is well worth the showstopping Individual paintwork.

If there’s an issue with the color it’s that I can’t figure out an M760Li interior trim color that I think works well enough with the beautiful red paint. If it were my money, I’d have the Ivory White and Black Nappa Leather option but that’s just me.