The BMW E9 series of cars is one of the most beautiful in the brand’s history. More specifically, the BMW 3.0 CS is one of the best looking cars the Bavarians have ever made. It’s also one of the best cars from its era, with a silky-smooth straight six, a manual gearbox and sporty GT driving characteristics. All of that combines to make it one of the most desirable Bimmers of all time and quite valuable, too. Because they’re quite valuable, they’re tough for many enthusiasts to own. So would you buy rusty old one at a large discount as a fun project car?

This specific 1972 BMW 3.0 CS is currently up for auction on Bring-A-Trailer and the auction is almost up. While the mileage isn’t exactly known — it shows 51,000 km on the odometer but it’s not know if it works or if that mileage is accurate — it doesn’t really matter. The entire car is quite rusty and is in need of a lot of love.

The original car was white but has since been repainted maroon. It’s probably in need of a sand-blast and repaint, though. Inside, it features tan leather with wood trim and it’s not in as rough shape as the exterior, though it does need some work.

Its engine, a 3.0 liter naturally-aspirated I6, does not run but it reportedly turns over. If that’s the case, it could be a fueling issue or something not too complicated that’s preventing it from running. It features three Weber carbs and Euro-spec headers.

While it might not take much to get it running, it’s going to take a lot of work and money to bring it back to life. So this is not a project for the faint of heart. It’s the sort of project that can break your spirit. However, if you have the mechanical know-how, time and willingness to get it done, it could be a great project car. At the time of writing this, there are barely eight hours left on the auction and the current bid is $5,200. That’s incredibly cheap for a BMW 3.0 CS but this isn’t in anything near good condition.

What do you think; worthy project car or scrap yard junk?

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]