It’s really hard to impress people at SEMA. There are so many insane and wild builds there that if things aren’t at least cranked to eleven, no one is going to notice. So when Willy Izaguirre won best Euro Car at SEMA, thanks to the help of Alex from Car Throttle, it’s quite an impressive feat. When you see the car he won with, a 1973 E9 BMW 3.0 CS, you’ll understand why he won, though.

While, technically, his car is a 3.0 CS, there’s very little left of that car. Only the main body design and chrome trim remain from the original car. Otherwise, it’s almost entirely redone. The entire body kit is custom fabricated and is massively wide. In fact, Izaguirre claims its over seven feet wide. That’s wider than a Range Rover. Though, it does look like a bit like a DTM racer, with the massive fender scoops and air intakes. And it does look cool, which is really all that matters. The huge wing on the back features a carbon fiber blade and sort of looks like the one off the DTM-champion BMW 3.0 CSL.

It’s also been lowered on custom coilovers but it isn’t slammed, so it sits just right. Inside the wheel wells are BBS center lock wheels also look great and have a sort of period race car look to them. They’re also so wide that the rear tires would make a Corvette ZR1 jealous. It’s madness.

At the front, there seem to be new LED headlights in the shape of a ring, that also double as air intakes, a la Dodge Hellcat. But the main thing you notice at the front is the lack of hood. So you see the engine and massive turbocharger in all of their glory.

Powering the crazy 3.0 CS is an S52 engine pulled from an American-spec E36 BMW M3. That engine made 240 hp when stock but now, thanks to a new tune and a turbocharger the size of a small boulder, it makes over 500 hp. That’s craziness in a car this light. It’s running a ZF five-speed manual, also from an E36 M3, but that might not be able to handle that sort of power and turbocharged torque.

Overall, this is one of the crazier classic BMW builds we’ve ever seen. It still looks cool though and is one that’s deserving of its win at SEMA.