While there’s quite a lot of news surrounding the new G20 BMW 3 Series, it seems as if the next-gen 4 Series is largely forgotten. The next-gen 4 Series hasn’t been revealed just yet but fans should be excited about it. It’s going to be built on the same new architecture as the 3 Series, while also featuring all of the other steering and suspension bits that make the new 3er so good. All of that will be available in a sleek, two-door coupe body style. Or, in this case, a convertible.

This new spy video from Motor1 shows off the next-gen BMW 4 Series Convertible doing some winter testing while wearing heavy camouflage.

The start of the video actually shows off the driver putting some fluids in the car, seemingly wiper fluid, so we get a tiny glimpse under the hood. We also see this driver spin some wheels in the snow, which is funny. Though, we’re not so sure the driver thought it was funny at the time, as the car was stuck and he needed to get pulled out by an X5. The car also seems to sport a manual gearbox, as it rolls backward slightly right before the driver accelerates and spins the rear tires. So that’s encouraging.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to make out any of its exterior details, as the test mule in this video is heavily covered in camouflage. The only real point of interest is the soft-top. It replaces the folding metal roof of the current car and we’re happy to see it so. The soft-top is lighter, simpler and faster to fold away. It also looks more premium than the hard-top, which just looks like a frumpy coupe with the top up.

We don’t have any real official info about the upcoming 4 Series but we’ll bring you more as we have it.