This new G20-generation 3 Series is an impressive car. As intended, it gets back to being the 3 Series that we all love and remember, after the model took a bit of a break with the F30-generation. One of the best parts of this new G20 3 Series is that you don’t need a top-spec or big-engine model to have fun. Even the entry-level cars are fun and enjoyable to drive, whereas the previous F30 3er needed to be spec’d with ever sporty option and package to be fun. In this new video from Joe Achilles, we see why.

The car Achilles drives, with co-pilot Becky Evans is a lowly BMW 320d model, with its small turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engine. With 189 bhp and 295 lb-ft of torque, it’s not slow but it’s not exactly quick, either. With its eight-speed auto (equipped in this video), the 320d can scoot from 0-60 mph in about 6.8 seconds. I remember that’s just about what my E36 328i did with the biggest non-M engine available in North America. So it shows just how far we’ve come when the eco-friendly model is as fast as the big-engined car from years ago.

In the video they talk about the car’s engine, its ride comfort, technology and about where it stacks up among the previous generations of 3 Series. Evans owns an E21 3 Series herself, so like most BMW enthusiasts she’s quite biased toward the older stuff.

Obviously, the BMW 320d doesn’t make for excellent video but it’s an important car to review because it’s the car that customers are actually going to buy. It’s going to be BMW’s volume seller so it’s quite helpful for customers to see what it’s actually like. And on the scenic, very smooth roads in this video, it seems to be quite the cruiser. It’s comfortable and quiet and easy to drive for long distances. It’s also punchy enough to overtake slower cars easily, so despite it being the smaller engined car, the 320d won’t leave you stuck behind traffic.