BMW announced just a couple of hours ago the launch of its new D3 center which is meant to help store and process driving data collected by its test cars driving around the world. BMW currently has 80 7 Series models spread on all continents, collecting data from real-life traffic to accelerate the development of autonomous driving. All these cars drive themselves already so you might be surprised to see there’s nobody behind the wheel when one of these passes you by.

That’s exactly the theme of a video published not long ago on Youtube by BMW. It combines a spooky atmosphere and character with an autonomous driving car. We see a BMW 7 Series driving along at night in a creepy forest. I guess all forests are creepy at night anyhow but chip in some fog and things instantly turn into a scary movie scenario. In this case, the car advances through the forest until a silhouette appears in front of it.

After coming to a complete stop, the silhouette makes its way to the door and opens it only to discover there’s nobody behind the wheel, a truly scary concept. In truth, there’s nothing scary about that as long as the car in question is fitted with all the technology these test 7 Series have on. They are fitted with various sensors, radars and other tech that simply works together to make sure everyone’s safe.

At the moment, BMW is accelerating the development of its autonomous driving software with its Autonomous Driving Campus which has been operational for some time now and the newly opened Driving-Data Development center announced today. The two will work together starting this week, to the same end.