BMW revealed the LCI facelift of the BMW 7 Series just a few weeks ago and it was met with, let’s say mixed reactions. Some loved the fact that its new grille is brash and unapologetic, rather than the somewhat staid face of the pre-LCI car. Though, there were others who felt that its new massive Kidney Grilles are monstrous looking and hideous. Personally, while I don’t find it necessarily pretty, I like the fact that it’s at least interesting looking now. Either way, like it or not, the new 7 Series LCI has just begun production.

Just a few days ago, the BMW 7 Series LCI started production at the brand’s Dingolfing plant. “The BMW 7 Series has defined our identity at this site for over 40 years. We are proud that BMW’s top model, the new BMW 7 Series Sedan, will also be built here in Dingolfing. Our goal as the brand’s primary plant for the luxury class is to ensure that every vehicle our experienced and competent team puts on the roads guarantees excellent quality,” says Ilka Horstmeier, Director of BMW Group Plant Dingolfing.

BMW has also added some interesting high-tech digitalization to the 7 Series production line. For instance, the workers assembling the 7er wear smartwatches that can alert them of certain specialized parts that are coming up on the assembly line. Parts such as the rear center console aren’t installed on most of the 7ers assembled, so when one comes down the line, the smartwatches will alert the staff of such a part and give them instructions on additional steps.

Some of the staff even get data glasses, one which “virtual assistance is projected into the employee’s field of vision”. It’s essentially an augmented reality application that allows for real-time training and assistance in assembling cars. Which is pretty cool, actually.

So not only is the 7 Series BMW’s most high-end luxury car, it’s also built with the brand’s latest and greatest technology. This way, you know that your very expensive, high-tech luxury car is being built with the highest quality and most advanced technology possible.