There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the new F40 BMW 1 Series on this interwebs machine. Reason being is that the new car is front-wheel drive (the devil, apparently) and replaces the outgoing rear-wheel drive car (automotive salvation, apparently). No one is going to question rear-wheel drive’s superiority over its front-drive alternative but the outrage is overblown to say the least. A lot of journalists have driven this new 1er and can agree with this. To help us learn more, Top Gear put together a list of nine interesting tidbits about this new front-drive 1 Series.

We’re only going to list a couple of them, as you should head over there and read them all for yourself. But we’ll point out the ones we found most interesting.

F40 1 Series camouflage 17 830x554

For instance, when speaking with some of the engineers, TG learned that BMW wouldn’t actually prefer to switch back the 1er to rear-wheel drive now. According to BMW’s head of driving dynamics Peter Langen,“If you ask me now ‘would you like it to be a RWD car’, I would not like that,” he told TG. “The goal is to have better drive-ability in each new BMW generation. My feeling is this is a better car than its predecessor, independent of the ‘front-drive or rear-drive’ discussion.”

Another interesting bit of info is that the new 1 Series could gain a hybrid version. While there isn’t a plug-in hybrid variant planned as of yet, the new platform is capable. So if the demand for such a car ever comes down from the top brass, “We can react very fast,” said Langen.

F40 1 Series camouflage 15 830x554

Read the rest of the TG story, it’s quite interesting. While it might not be the first choice of enthusiasts, this new BMW 1 Series is shaping up to be much better than expected. We can’t wait to take it for a spin and see what it’s made of.

[Source: Top Gear]