Previously, I wrote about my experience driving the BMW M85oi xDrive on track at The Thermal Club in Palm Springs, California. After my track time with the car, I was left surprisingly impressed and only imagining how good a proper M8 could be. In this video, I take you through my time with the 8er, albeit briefly.

When I arrived at the track, there was no car I wanted to drive more than the BMW M850i. However, despite getting there early, there was another journalist in it before me. So I had to wait my turn. Once in the car, I had to buckle up, get situated and head out onto a track I hadn’t driven in over a year, as it was my first run of the day.

So, I apologize in advance, this video is a bit short and I’m often blanking as I drive because I’m trying to concentrate on not crashing a six-figure GT car that I don’t own. While I’m not the worst track driver, I’m not the best either and trying to relearn a track, listen to the instructor’s instructions, review the car and relay that review back to you is a bit tricky.

Excuses aside though, I can tell you that it’s a better track car than one might think and more of a driver’s car than other journalists had me believe prior to driving me. While it’s obviously not a scalpel, as it’s a GT car and it’s not supposed to be razor sharp, it has no problem threading some corners together with ease. I came away extremely impressed with the BMW M850i, possibly because I didn’t have the highest of expectations going in, and I try and explain that in this video. Just don’t judge my track driving too harshly, please.