The new BMW X5 is set to arrive in dealers around November and until then, we’re set to learn all we can about it so that when we get behind its wheel, we know all the buttons to press. Apart from what BMW already told us, some features are so awesome that one simply needs to experience them to understand what they truly are. It’s the case for the Reverse Assistant, a new feature which will help you out when driving in reverse.

The Reversing Assistant takes over steering to maneuver the vehicle along a path recently negotiated forwards. This system makes reversing for a distance of up to 50 meters a particularly comfortable task in the new BMW X5. All the driver has to do is operate the accelerator and brakes and monitor the surrounding area. The system is initiated by pressing a button when the vehicle is stationary and the gear selector is in the “P” position.

The steering movements made during the vehicle’s last forward maneuver are stored by the system and retained, even for longer periods. This means the Reversing Assistant can be used to maneuver the new BMW X5 backwards out of a parking position that it drove into forwards the preceding day.

The self-parking feature, for example, has been around for years and yet I still prefer doing it myself because it takes less time. Nevertheless, I certainly know a couple of people with banged up rear bumpers who could definitely benefit from this option. Whether it will come as standard or not remains to be seen but most likely, it will be part of the Driving Assistant Professional option.