Typically, customers don’t by small crossovers to tune them. Most of the time, crossovers are bought because customers need some extra space and practicality. But what if you want both; practicality and tune-ability? Well, maybe go for a BMW X2 and take it to 3D Design.

Everything 3D Design makes is made in-house and is of the highest quality. They’re also the biggest BMW tuner in all of Japan, so they know a thing or two about making kick-ass Bimmers. The Japanese tuning company has now launched a suite of new parts and upgrades for the BMW X2 xDrive20i M Sport. So if you nee something small and practical but also want it to look and sound good, you’re in luck.

As far as visual upgrades go, the 3D Design BMW X2 package comes with a new front lip spoiler, a rear diffuser and a rear roof spoiler, all of which are made from carbon fiber. On the inside, upgrades include an aluminum pedal kit and aluminum paddle shifters. The latter of which are very nice, as aluminum paddle shifters are addictive to use (I’m hooked after driving Alfa Romeos).

It also gets some mechanical upgrades as well, such as new 20-inch 3D Design Type 3 forged wheels and a new exhaust with carbon fiber tips. An optional engine tune, which bumps power up to 230 PS (226 hp) which is about what the X2 xDrive28i makes.

The idea of this tuning kit is to turn a relatively bland crossover, one that’s bought to be efficient and practical, into something a bit more interesting and exciting. With this 3D Design tuning kit, you get some more aggressive looks, a more premium feel inside and a slight boost in performance. Sure, it’s not a blood-boiling hot-hatch but it’s more exciting than a pretty humble X2 xDrive20i, which is designed mostly to be efficient.