There’s been tons of hubbub about the upcoming BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe and the fact that it’s going to be based on BMW’s front-wheel drive architecture. That switch to front-wheel drive has a lot of fans upset. While it’s not the first Bimmer to make the jump, it is the first one that’s supposed to be an enthusiast’s car and not just a crossover or family car. So there are a lot of BMW fans that are a bit apprehensive about the upcoming 2er Gran Coupe and it’s ability to have fun. Maybe this video can change their minds, though.

In this spy video from Motor1, we can see a BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe doing some winter testing in the snow. On this snow course, the 2 Series Gran Coupe, along with its driver, seems to be having some fun in the snow, getting very sideways. So if you’re worried about its ability to play, this video my put those worries to rest. Admittedly, any car can slide in the snow but it’s the 2 Series’ ability to hold the slide that seems impressive. For a front-wheel drive-based car, it seems very controllable while sliding about and also surprisingly tail-happy.

2 Series Gran Coupe

While we can’t tell for sure, because this car is heavily wrapped in camouflage, it seems to be a BMW M235i Gran Coupe, the upcoming M Performance variant. It seems that way based on its wheels — which are large and look similar to those found on the M4 Competition Package — its lower ride height and dual exhaust. That would make it all-wheel drive and not just front-wheel drive, which could help it slide a bit, while also making it fast and more exciting. Though, much like the BMW X2 M35i, never will more than 50-percent of the power be available to the rear axle.

It also looks pretty good. It’s relatively low and sleek and has nice proportions for a small, front-wheel drive car. Under the hood, if this is indeed the M235i version, there should be the same 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder as in the X2 M35i. That would give it 302 hp, which is more than enough to have fun in this little car. As evidenced by this video.