Typically when we see videos from Evolve Automotive, they’re working on some high-priced BMW M car, like an M3 or M5. In this video, though, we get to see a car from the opposite end of the BMW Group spectrum, a MINI Cooper S.

The F56-generation MINI Cooper S uses a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which is a variant of BMW’s B48 engine. Unlike the old R56 models, which had functional hood scoops, the F56 does not. There’s what looks like a hood scoop there but it’s really just for show and leads to nowhere. However, underneath it, there are two cutouts in the actual hood itself.

So in this video, we see Evolve fit it with an Eventuri intake that takes advantage of those two holes in the hood. So the intake is designed to bring air through those two holes, in combination with the factory air inlets in the grille, making for somewhere between 8-10 hp extra. It also comes with a new hood scoop that’s actually functional and, of course, made from carbon fiber.

The intake itself is also made from carbon fiber and, as always with Eventuri, it looks superb. The carbon weave is beautifully done and finished and really makes the entire engine bay looks more exotic and premium. It’s just such a good looking piece of kit. It also has a little metal “Eventuri” plate on it, which makes it looks a bit more special.

When all is said and done, the new intake creates a bit of extra power while also allowing for more induction noise. Car companies are drowning out more and more induction noise as time goes on, being that customers don’t like it much, so it’s nice to hear more of it. Plus, you get to hear the turbo flutter, which is always awesome and reminds you of the actual mechanics that are working underneath the hood as you drive. As a car nerd, that’s good stuff.

It’s not cheap, of course, but it’s beautifully made and fits perfectly, not only making the engine bay look prettier but also adding power and noise.