In a recent video, Doug DeMuro outlined some of the quirks and features of the brand new BMW X7, and today, it’s TFL’s turn to show us the best features of the new X7. In their latest, they talk about the new X7 and 10 things they consider you need to know about it.

The first one is rather obvious when you think about it, but doesn’t really pop up when discussing the X7: it’s made in America. The X7 follows in the footsteps of the rest of the CLAR-built X models and is made in BMW’s Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. Yes, some people would argue that since the engines are still being shipped over from Germany, it’s not 100 percent American Made, but let’s not digress.

Of course, some fun had to be made of the gigantic grille up front but, to be honest, as much as everyone’s making fun of it, its starting to grow on me. My first reaction was also less than positive, but as I took some time to actually look at it, I realized everything just works. Sure, that may still be just me. The guys from TFL Car also make fun of the chrome on the car and the big wheels, which are, more than anything, necessary.

There are a couple more things they point out and you might give them a couple of minutes to tell you about what they find interesting on the X7. No matter what you think, I am starting to like this car and can’t wait to drive it.