One of the main points of criticism for the new G20 3 Series’ design was its Hofmeister Kink. While well-received overall, the new 3 Series has had a few negative talking points about its design. One of them being the famous ‘Kink that BMW has had in its designs for decades. The new 3er’s is there, it’s just… different. Rather than a little kink, it’s now more of an arrow. Well, for all those Bimmer fans who dislike the new 3er’s arrow-like Kink, rest assured that the Touring seems to fix it and we can see it in these new spy photos. (We don’t own the photos but see them here)

We’ve seen the upcoming G21 BMW 3 Series Touring in spy photos before. In a nutshell, it looks exactly like you’d expect a wagon version of the G20 to look. Though, its Hofmeister Kink is seemingly different from that of the sedan for some reason. Rather than the more arrow-like one on the sedan, the Touring model gets one that’s more traditional.

3 Series Touring Rendering

While, personally, I don’t mind the weird new one on the G20 sedan, I must admit that the more traditional one on the Touring looks better. In fact, I personally think that the G21 3 Series Touring looks better than the G20 sedan. It might be due to the fact that its taillights look less like a Lexus IS’ with the wagon rump.

Under the skin, though, the upcoming G21 will be almost identical to the G20 sedan. Which is a good thing, as we’ve driven the new G20 a lot and it’s a fantastic driving sedan. So we’re very excited about the Touring model which looks better and will drive about the same, making it one of the best overall daily drivers on the market when it eventually comes out.

[Source: Car Scoops]