Evolve Automotive has a few different BMW projects going on. There’s the Project Viper F80 BMW M3, the BMW M2 GTS and an F90 BMW M5. While the former two are the more flamboyant of Evolve’s project cars, the latter is the fastest. Though, not much has been done to it just yet, so it may become more flamboyant in the future. For now, though, Evolve seems to be focusing more on performance modifications. It’s already received a new exhaust from Supersprint and an Eventuri exhaust. Now, it’s time for a tune.

Rather than give it Evolve’s Stage 1 tune, they decided to jump right up to Stage 2. Reason being is that they want to do some test runs with it at Vmax and see what it can do with a Stage 2 tune. So what does the Stage 2 Evolve tune do to an F90 BMW M5? Quite a lot, apparently.


Stock, an F90 BMW M5 is already monstrously fast. With its 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 making a claimed 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, the M5 is capable of 0-60 mph in around three seconds, consistently. If you’re lucky and get the launch right, it can break into the high two-second barrier. Though, it will easily do three-second runs all day long. And that’s just with 600 hp. So what about after the tune, how much power can it make?

After Evolve tuned it and put it on the dyno, the F90 BMW M5 made a whopping 743 hp, which is simply insane. Not only that, though, but it increased the peak power span in the powerband, making it better in the top end of the rev range. Also, because the power difference is mostly at the top end of the rev range, it’s quite docile in around-town traffic. So it’s still as comfortable and easy to drive as the stock car. So if you’re in the UK, have an M5 and want it tuned, check out Evolve because they can easily bump your power up to almost 750 hp. That way, you can say you have more power in your four-door sedan than a McLaren 720S.