A while back, Evolve Automotive made a BMW M2 GTS of sorts, by fitting an M2 with some of the aerodynamic bits from an M4 GTS and bumping up its power. There’s one little problem with bumping up its power and that’s heat. BMW M2s are already known to get a bit of heat soak when running hard and part of the reason for that is that they seem to run the same intercooler as a more standard 2 Series. So Evolve decided to give their BMW M2 GTS project car a new one.

In this new video from Evolve, we get to see the new CSF intercooler get installed and then the car get put on the dyno. The entire point of the new intercooler is to keep temperatures down, so as to give the car more power while also maintaining power throughout its rev range. Where the standard car’s intercooler would allow the engine to get hot and lose a bit of power, the new CSF one does not. It’s much larger and more efficient than the stock BMW one.

After running the BMW M2 GTS on the dyno with both intercoolers, we get to see the graphs and the difference between the two. While not vast, there’s certainly a difference between the CSF one and the standard one. The former helps the engine stay cooler and thus allows it to create more horsepower throughout its rev range. Depending on the gear and rpm, it made anywhere from ten to twenty horses more than with the stock intercooler.

So if you have a BMW M2 and you’re going to tune it, or even leave it stock, it’s worth investing in a new intercooler. It will give it more power while also letting it run cooler and gain some extra longevity.