SPIED: BMW i4 caught testing again in snow

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BMW i Vision Dynamics images 02 830x553

Just today, Volvo announced the new Polestar 2, a Swedish rival to both the Tesla Model 3 and the upcoming BMW i4. Ironically, some new …

Just today, Volvo announced the new Polestar 2, a Swedish rival to both the Tesla Model 3 and the upcoming BMW i4. Ironically, some new spy photos have released of the latter doing some camouflaged testing in the snow (We don’t own them but see them here). So let’s take a look and see what we can find out.

While the Polestar 2 looked cool and interesting, this BMW i4 looks quite sleek and pretty. To be honest, it doesn’t look all that different from a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and that likely won’t change much by the time the design is finalized and not wearing camouflage. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Several car companies are making their electric cars look like normal cars, most notably the Audi e-tron and Chevy Bolt. It’s a strategy that seems set on luring traditional car buyers over to electric vehicles. Making EVs seem normal makes the transition easier, I suppose. So seeing this new BMW i4 driving around looking like a 4 Series Gran Coupe without exhaust pipes isn’t too surprising.

BMW i Vision Dynamics images 13 830x553

BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept

It looks good, though, with a low, sporty stance and a sleek roofline. While there’s little detail to make out, it seems as if its front end looks similar to the one seen on the next-gen 4 Series we spied a little while back. So it will likely have the same design language as the new 4 Series, just with some EV flair.

No specifics have been given on the BMW i4 and what sort of electric motors/batteries it will have when it finally comes to production. That said, BMW claims that it will have two electric motors — one at each axle — and class-leading 0-60 mph times, whatever that means. It’s also said to have up to 435 miles of total electric range.

We’ll have to wait a long time to see it, though, as it’s not slated to hit the road until 2021. Sure, that’s only three years from now but it better pack over 400 miles of range in that time because the rest of the industry is heating up and BMW will need to really deliver with the i4 to not get left behind.

[Source: Car Scoops]

17 responses to “SPIED: BMW i4 caught testing again in snow”

  1. DM says:

    Even Carscoops is admitting that BMW’s focus is shifting. Given the near abandonment of the traditional coupe/sedan (as witnessed by the less-than-enthusiastic launch of the G20), I’m bracing myself for all new models to have some SAV/SAC DNA.

    And once again, these spyshots have confirmed that BMW wants the new electric car to be more GT than GC with the tall hatchback.

    Bavarian Truck Werks anyone?

    • Max says:

      Good thing is, apparently you don’t know anything about it 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

      • Horatiu B. says:

        So wait? Is Carscoops the authority now in BMWs?!

        • DM says:

          BMW is its own authority. The i4 started life as the i Vision Dynamics and now it’s closer to a 4 GT.

          Second evidence is the iNext, which started life as a saloon with design cues resembling the GINA concept launched years ago.

          Where did BMW evolve both? No need to be in denial. The facts are in plain sight as Carscoops has aptly called out.

          • Brian says:

            The i4 will be based on the i Vision Dynamics, CEO Harald Kruger have confirmed it. This mule is not the actual i4, look closely and you will see that this is a current 4 series body bolted onto an i4 battery pack and drivetrain. It is likely because they’re so far away (possibly not on road before 2022) from an actual i4 model with its own body.

          • DM says:

            I truly, truly hope you are right. I paid a deposit on my dealership’s Taycan allocation because I was having a difficult time keeping faith that BMW will come through with the i Vision Dynamics Concepts as the i4.

          • Matt Stokes says:

            The Taycan and the i4 are hardly in the same league, if you’ve got the money for the Taycan I’d have thought that would be the no-brainer choice between the two anyway.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            What? Inext started as a sedan? When? The i4 was always the 4 Series Gran Coupe. Forget about the concept you saw.

          • Matt Stokes says:

            iNext was never a saloon. Are you thinking of the NEXT100 concept?

      • DM says:

        Know anything about what aspect?

        Are you saying that I can’t visually discern a tall, crossover-styled rear end with a hatch (ala 5/6 Series GT)? Or are you suggesting that I’m really seeing a 4 Series with a sleek, coupe trunk profile consistent to the current Gran Coupes?

        If it’s the latter, then I need a pair of those rosy, fanboy, augmented reality glasses to convince me that BMW is staying true to their enthusiast fanbase and not shifting their entire profit-above-all-else paradigm to pump out SAVs from beginning to end?

  2. Ofentse Letsholo says:

    2021 is 2yrs away not 3yrs…but yes most of the market will probably see it on the road in 2022. They better not disappoint in range and they need to start testing range using EPA. We need more realistic range than fantasy one, I’m certain that 700.063 km(435m) is based on NEDC. We need to open some space for disappoint.

  3. Brian says:

    This is not the i4, this is a 4 series body bolted onto an i4 battery pack and drivetrain. Likely because they’re so far away from an actual i4 model with its own body.

      • Brian says:

        Are you the BMW CEO? Harald Kruger have confirmed that the i4 will be based on the i Vision Dynamics. I see nothing from the iVD on that mule just a current 4 series body camouflaged.

        • Horatiu B. says:

          The concept was actually a 4 series gran Coupe with the 3 series platform. Of course, it had all the concept deaign cues but it’s a 4 Series Gran Coupe. You will see that when the car comes out. Not even sure why we’re debating that. I’m 100% sure I know what I’m talking about.

          • Brian says:

            No hard feelings. Im just saying what has been announced. But do you mean that the iVD concept design wont make it into production? Like the Vision EfficientDynamics was made into the i8.

          • Horatiu B. says:

            Ok, so let put it a different way. The Vision Dynamics concept is based on the next 4 Series Gran Coupe, so essentially it has similar proportions and same architecture. But of course with some EV design elements, like the front grille. So the i4 is based off that which essentially is a 4 Series Gran Coupe with some EV elements, like the front grille being different and some other small things. But essentially, it’s a 4 Series Gran Coupe electric, not a separate model, not a one-off.

            The i8 was a one-off model, not a shared platform.

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