It’s not often we get excited about reviews of a sedan powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Especially one that can barely muster 260 hp. However, the new BMW 330i is an important car for the brand and one enthusiasts should be keeping their eyes on. Why? Because it’s the 3 Series that most people can afford and, believe you me, it marks the return of BMW doing what it does best — making affordable, everyday sport sedans that drive better than everything else one the market.

In this new video from Doug DeMuro, we get to see the nitty-gritty, up-close details of the new BMW 3 Series.

Obviously, being a DeMuro review, it’s not really about how the car drives. Instead, it’s about its interior features and technologies. More consumer advice than dynamic review. Still, it’s interesting for many enthusiasts because the 330i is a car that many will actually buy. It’s fun to watch a review about the M850i but not many enthusiasts can afford a six-figure GT car.

Inside the cabin of the new 3 Series, owners will be met with some seriously impressive technology. For instance, the same Reverse Assistant and 3D Surround View camera system that were previously only available on BMW’s most expensive cars are now available in the entry-level 3er. So in a decently equipped BMW 330i, you can have some of the most advanced tech on the market. That’s really impressive.

It’s also well made, features nice materials and is surprisingly comfortable. While some might not love the new design language, its build quality and material quality are at the top of the segment, along with its best competitors.

How does it drive, though? Having driven it myself (review coming soon), I can agree with DeMuro that it’s surprisingly comfortable and quiet. However, it doesn’t sacrifice dynamics to achieve that ride comfort. In fact, I was personally blown away at how well it handled bumps while also feeling tight and composed. BMW worked some magic on its new suspension and chassis.

Overall, it’s hard to fault the new 3 Series. Sure, some fans might not love its design or its interior but, as a car, it’s near-perfect. It handles great, it’s comfortable, packs great technology and is reasonably affordable. What’s not to love.