The guys from Consumer Reports are widely known throughout the US and their opinion usually matters quite a lot to their readers. They do have a certain pedigree behind them and, even though they have been called biased a couple of times, are usually right on the money when it comes to useful advice on how to spend your money on your next car. They just published their annual ranking of the best-performing vehicles in 10 categories and the BMW X5 is right on top of its segment.

The new X5 truly is a different car to its predecessor and can now rival the other brilliant performers in its segment better. It does such a good job though that it earned a prestigious recommendation from Consumer Reports, which isn’t easy to get. The new G05 X5 claimed the title of the Best Luxury SUV, CR claiming it was one of the best vehicles they’ve ever tested. That’s rather high praise too, considering how they usually do things.

According to them, the ride is comfortable and composed, the interior is quiet and impeccably finished while the seats are all-day comfortable. All in all, the X5 is a winner in their book but that’s not all. The BMW brand performed rather well too in their overall brand rankings. Subaru claimed the top spot in their Car Brand Overall rankings, climbing six places compared to last year and overtaking Genesis for the number one spot.

Genesis now came in second, followed by Porsche. Audi, Lexus and Mazda came fourth, fifth and sixth respectably while BMW came in seventh after losing a couple of points compared to last year. Overall though, the Bavarian brand performed well, unlike Fiat or Jaguar, for example, which came in last and next to last.