The G20 BMW 3 Series is now starting to make its rounds of testing from various different journalistic publications. It’s already been through at least one comparison test and had a few video reviews. All of which have heaped praise on the new 3er for its driving dynamics returning to the brand’s glory days. If you’re sick of hearing praise for the new 3 Series, avert your eyes because the 3er just received the Executive Car of the Year award from What Car.

It’s actually not surprising that the new 3 Series was named the Executive COTY, as it’s an excellent all-around car. Not only is it a fantastic sport sedan but it’s also a comfortable commuter car. It’s the sort of car that can be driven everyday to the office, while providing more than enough luxury and comfort, but can also tackle twisty roads on the drive home.

“It’s the best-steering BMW of recent times and matches this with stellar body control and plenty of grip. Despite all that, it still manages to serve up a comfortable ride and relaxing refinement when you’re on the motorway.” said What Car.

Thanks to its new exterior design, it looks sharper than the outgoing model and brings more excitement. On the inside, it gets BMW’s latest interior design language, shared with cars like the X5, 8 Series and Z4, which makes it more enjoyable to be in. It also packs BMW’s latest technology, such as its new iDrive system and digital instrument panel. The former is the best iteration yet and the latter is very slick looking and very impressive.

When you also consider that it’s available with either high-performance gasoline engines or efficient diesels (in Europe), the 3 Series becomes a superb all-rounder. It’s more fun to drive than cars like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class while being more comfortable and high-tech than cars like the Alfa Romeo Giulia. It might not be the best in every single category but it has the right blend of performance and comfort to make it the best overall car in the segment. So as an everyday executive car, it’s very hard to not choose the new BMW 3 Series.

[Source: What Car?]