A while back, we broke some news from one of our sources inside BMW that claimed the next-generation of BMW M3 (G80) will have two flavors: rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The former will come with a six-speed manual option and the latter will be automatic only. We’re now hearing a report that the rear-driven model will be called “Pure”, according to Car Magazine.

BMW offers some Pure variants of the current BMW M3 in other markets, such as Australia. However, this seems like it will be the first time BMW offers Pure variants of the M3 worldwide. It will also mark the first time that the standard M3 is available in two different variants (Competition Packages are a bit different).


We already knew that the upcoming rear-drive BMW M3, “sDrive” if you will, will have less power than the all-wheel drive model. That’s because its manual gearbox can’t handle the same amount of torque as the ZF eight-speed automatic can and, according to BMW, beefing up the manual will only make its shift quality worse.

According to Car Mag, the BMW M3 Pure will even look a bit different. It will get a unique front fascia, unique wheels and some unique interior bits. Though, this isn’t to make it a budget model, rather to make it seem like a more special model. The M3 Pure will be visually distinguished from its all-wheel drive sibling to show that it’s the special version, the one for enthusiasts that want, well, purity. Rather than just pure speed, M3 Pure customers want the triple-distilled essence of BMW M. Though, it will likely still be cheaper, with some cheaper bits inside.

This is honestly the best way BMW could go about making the next M3. As the need for more power increases, with most of BMW’s competition in the segment pushing 500 hp, all-wheel drive is needed. But raw power is not what BMW M has always been about, instead focusing more on handling and dynamics. So BMW making two models, one for performance bragging rights and one for purists, BMW allows customers to have their cake and eat it, too. Sounds good to us.