The one car that started the whole BMW Motorsport universe was the BMW 3.0 CSL and a lot of people tend to forget that. The New Class range was the spark that started it all but the success the 3.0 CSL recorded in various motorsport competition is what created the sporty image the Germans are banking on these days after all. Prices should reflect that today and for some, paying six figures for a car that’s over 40 years old seems pretty steep enough already.

However, the guys over at Hagerty think there’s even more room to grow. They published their usual Bull Market List this week, comprised of 10 cars that could be a good investment in 2019, if you’re careful that is. The number one car on the list is the BMW 3.0 CSL and they do make an interesting point as to why they expect prices to go up even further. Even if we ignore the fact that without the 3.0 CSL the M division and even its M stripes wouldn’t exist today, only a die-hard fan would care about such details, right?

Well, according to Hagerty, prices for 3.0 CSL models have gone up by about 10 percent last year and that’s a noticeable increase. Furthermore, a mint model is valuated by them at around $218,500–$264,700 which is nothing to scoff at. But the most important reason why the 3.0 CSL is bound to pick up more speed has nothing to do with the car per say but rather with the rivals from Stuttgart, Porsche to be more precise.

“BMW and Porsche draw many of the same buyers, and as Porsche values grow and price people out, BMWs get more attractive,” said the good people over at Hagerty. And while that may be a bit hard to swallow for some, it’s pretty damn true.