The current BMW 1 Series hatchback is something that fans will miss. It’s a bit of a unicorn in the industry, being the only rear-wheel drive hatchback available with a six-cylinder engine. However, it will soon depart and the heartbreak that will ensue will be extra painful for fans, knowing that its replacement will be *gasp* front-wheel drive. If just that thought pains you, maybe don’t look at the new spy photos that have recently popped up. (We don’t own the pics but you can see them here)

In these new photos, the new 1 Series hatchback is caught doing some testing again but this time is wearing a bit less camo than we’re used to seeing. While not super revealing, these photos do show us more than we normally see and they’re very close and clear. With that being said, the new 1 Series hatchback is beginning to look more like a BMW.

Personally, I was very critical of what we’d previously seen of the 1er hatch in spy photos. I felt that it looked like a generic hatchback and its shape could wear Hyundai badges without anyone questioning it. While that still might be true, seeing a bit more of the new 1 Series hatch makes it seem more BMW-like.

In these photos, we can see a bit more of its window trim, Hofmeister Kink and shoulder line. Being able to see such things makes it seem more in keeping with the new Bavarian design language.

Still, its BMW-like styling might not be enough to convince some of the more cynical enthusiasts from accepting a front-wheel drive BMW. However, we’re hoping that more enthusiasts give it a chance because BMW has proven that it knows how to make a good front-wheel drive chassis and make front-driven cars fun. So we expect this new 1 Series to be a fun little hot hatch, even if it isn’t as fun or as exciting as the car it replaces.

[Source: Motor1]