Just like BMW with its teaser campaign released ahead of the Z4 unveiling, Toyota is following along the same lines for its Supra model. The Japanese published a clip on Youtube showcasing the new model’s sound and, of course, that means getting some BMW goodies involved. As you may know, the new Supra and the BMW Z4 share quite a lot of parts between them as they are a joint project done by the Japanese and Germans in a rather slow moving segment.

The new Supra will get BMW’s B58 3-liter straight six engine under the hood, a good choice by our account, as the B58 proved to be quite a sturdy workhorse, with plenty of tuning potential. And that’s something Supra fans will be looking for from the new model, judging by what make the Mk4 so popular. They will also be expecting the same straight six architecture and a proper sound to go with it. All of that is delivered by the B58 turbo engine, saving Toyota some money in the process.

However, their latest video on Youtube uses some rather big words, describing the new model’s engine as ‘legendary’ which is a bit of a stretch at the moment. The B58 is still a relatively new engine on the market and there’s going to take some time to build up its reputation and see if it withstands the test of time. Nevertheless, it does sound good and it’s bound to get even better in S58 guise, the rumored mill which is set to power the upcoming M3 and M4 models among other cars, based on the B58.

As for the Supra, fans still have a bit more time to wait before seeing it unveiled in all its glory and finding out its exact specs. Leaked info and pictures are already painting a pretty picture but until we get to drive it and test its essence, they are just numbers and pixels on a screen.