There are very few specialized automakers anymore. Take BMW for instance. It used to be a brand that made premium sports cars and luxury cars. Now, BMW makes everything from entry-level hatchbacks to gargantuan SUVs. Rolls Royce is a specialized automaker. Rolls Royce does not make everything. However, what if it did make everything? What if Rolls Royce just made weird trend-worthy cars, rather than only the uber-opulent luxo-barges that it currently does? These renders show off a ton of odd Rolls Royce variants that would simply never exist.

For instance, one rendering is basically just a Rolls Royce Cullinan combined with a Jeep Wrangler. So it has the same front bumper and wheel arches as the new Wrangler. So it’s all jacked up and ready for some serious off-roading. It looks wrong. Just wrong. Another is a pickup truck and it’s, well, interesting. While certain odd pickups are charming, this one is not. It just looks vulgar.

One that’s slightly more realistic (I emphasize “slightly) is the Rolls Royce minivan. It’s horrific. Yet many premium brands have now made minivans. Ever seen a Mercedes-Benz R-Class? I don’t care what any R-Class owner says, it’s a minivan. What about a BMW 2 Series Grand Tourer? Yup, despite BMW’s marketing otherwise, it’s a minivan. So it’s not out of the question for premium brands to make minivans. Though, it is out of the question for Rolls to make one. It’s just tragic.

I do kind of like the futuristic flying Rolls Royce Cullinan with rocket jets for wheels. It’s absurd and even if Rolls were to make a flying car it wouldn’t look like a Cullinan but it’s kind of fun and I like it. The Batmobile-looking render is also rather interesting. Actually, that one kind of fits the Rolls Royce ethos, if it were to make a sort of steampunk luxury coupe.

[Source: Compare the Market]